In the centre of the area of Gialia, and near to the ruins of the Minoan town of Lamon, few fishermen built a small settlement, Plakias that located in the middle of the southern coast of Crete. .

Plakias is a popular tourist resort with many natural beauties in the surrounding area and is located 36km south of Rethymno

The beach of Plakias is one of the longest beaches in Crete, which runs from the village and extends eastward. Other notable beaches near Plakias are Damnoni, Amoudi and a little farther away are Lefkogia and Schoinaria beach that attracts those who love diving.

Those who will visit Plakias you should definitely visit the palm and the lake of Prevelis. The Prevelis is one of the most famous attractions of Crete, a place of great natural beauty, which is worth visiting.

The scene is reminiscent of a tropical lagoon with palm trees, oleanders and waterfalls that flow into the sea. It is a unique landscape. Wander the paths through the palm grove and enjoy the shade of trees and a dip in the river.

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